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Abnormal Exaggeration Records

Dragging Entrails - CD "Penetrating The Syphilic Cadaver"


Image of Dragging Entrails - CD "Penetrating The Syphilic Cadaver"

1.Intrarectal Trombosis

2.Scat Smeared Ejaculation

3.Mastication of Erupted Cysts

4.Ovarian Implosion

5.Murderous Incestual Necrophilia

6.Rectal Foeticide

7.Penetrating Her Syphilic Cadaver

8.Copulation With Dead Amputees

9.Steel Mallet Sodomy

10.Chewing on Vaginal Gristle

11.Severed Head Rimjob

12.Anal Fistula Perversion

13.Slamdozer Pt. 2

14.Skewered Torso Engorgement


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